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The Space In-Between: In Life, In Hairstyles

Most of life happens in what is best described as the "in-between zone". Sure, those big moments when we move to a new city, change jobs, or start (perhaps end) a relationship seem to be the more crucial points. In the film of our life, those pivotal moments would make it into the hyped-up trailer. Not featured would be the routines that make up the average day, and the waiting, always waiting, for the next big thing to happen. But it is those in-between moments that seem to encompass the majority of our story. While there are several areas of life where I'm currently swimming my way through the "in-between" seaweed, one of the most annoying in-between zones at the moment is my hair.

Y7 Yoga: Give Me Two Weeks

One day short of two weeks into the new year, I accidentally became a walking cliche: a newly dedicated fitness fanatic. The truth is, as someone who attended a regular yoga class for nearly a year until the studio I'd loved for its positive energy and intimate classes (sometimes so intimate it was me and one other person) closed down, its taken me about 6 years ago to commit to another studio. What started as one afternoon of yoga class over the holidays turned into more than I'd anticipated.