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The Beauty of Earth Day: Free for All Birchbox

Is it just me or does there seem to be a rise in special "days" commemorating the randomest of things? Be it National Candied Orange Peel Day or Lumpy Rug Day, I can appreciate the idea that people are passionate about a wide range of things and every dog should have his day, as the saying goes. That being said, Earth Day is not one of those random holidays. Earth Day is a day where we can all join together in our feelings of guilt for not doing more to be environmentally aware. Or on the flip side, if you are quite environmentally focused, today is the day where you can talk all you'd like about your compost pile, how you keep your carbon footprint so small, and the evils of plastic water bottles. We are listening and taking notes. Earth Day is also a day where I find myself even more aware of the environmental factors involved with what I put on my face through makeup, skin care, and other body products. So when I read about Birchbox's Limited Edition Free for

Want Younger Skin? Run It Till the Years Fall Off

At the Dirty Girl Run , mud treatment and exercise in one Consistency has never been one of my strong points. Case in point, my blog posting schedule which, coincidentally, will be filling up with this good stuff more often so get ready. I thrive on new experiences and appreciate the nuances of every day life, unlike some who find comfort in following a routine. Why I don't crave the satisfaction felt after a good run in the same way I crave Rocky Road ice cream is a question I actually would rather not know the answer to. So when it comes to exercise, I find it very discouraging that you have to routinely do it in order to keep up the positive effects. The eternal search for that motivation to exercise regularly may have finally revealed itself though through this New York Times headline: Younger Skin Through Exercise . Um, yes please. Taking care of my skin while doing something low cost that also has dozens of other proven health benefits sounds like a plan I can get behi

The Five Things You Need to do in Paris (or Five Random Things I did in Paris)

Checking a big one off of my "To Do by 30" List -- Springtime in Paris. I'm back from my first visit to Paris, and have come up with a completely random but hopefully useful list of the five best things I did in Paris. I'm practically under moral obligation to share.   Notre Dame Cathederal Planning a trip to a “must see at least once in your life” location like Paris is basically impossible. Just don’t even try. Inevitably you’ll have spent months researching recommendations on Trip Advisor, getting obscure restaurant recommendations from friends, and consulting tour books lent to you by your boss titled “Romantic Paris”. When you get there you’ll be totally overwhelmed and a little loopy from taking the red eye, where you were too busy with your travel partner perfecting the art of synchronized movie-watching on your miniature television screens to get any sleep. You’ll arrive and be forced to gallivant around the streets of Paris for six hours before you’r