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To Do by 30: Your Allergy Doctor, Your New Best Friend

2014 is it for me. My countdown to turning 30 can no longer be avoided, so instead I'm choosing to embrace the next four months and 9 days (but who’s counting?) by finally ending the procrastination of my 20's and getting isht done. Welcome to the new blog series " To Do by 30 ". First on my to-do list: allergy testing. Pretty hurts. (If there's cat hair involved) If you've experienced constant sinus issues, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, or any of the other host of glamorous symptoms faced by those with allergies, you've probably thought about getting allergy tested at some point. My allergy issues started when I moved from the West Coast, where it is not uncommon to grow your own oranges or avocados while palm trees and Eucalyptus leaves sway in the breeze to ... New Hampshire. To put it into perspective, I almost vomited one summer because I was nauseous at the sight of green foliage everywhere. And clearly angry at the world, as I recall internal