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A Life Without Lip Balm is Not a Life Worth Living

Chapstick was my gateway drug. My entry to the multi-billion dollar beauty industry, I was once one of the biggest addicts out there. Actually, I may or may not still a pretty big lip balm addict, but I've branched off from the black and white original Chapstick label over the years and discovered that lip balm monogamy is not for me. There are so many lip balms to love, why limit yourself? There really is no better time to share the lip balms in my life than the fall, when lips seem to suffer from that problematic mix of heat turning on inside and temperatures dropping outside. In no particular order, here are my favorite lip balms. 1.  Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm Lemon and Chamomile , $7.50: Thick and greasy in

Beauty Unbiased Turns Two!

Two years ago, B eauty Unbiased started with a dream and an Emerson quote - " Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." After a site redesign, that quote ended up losing its place in the masthead, but not in my heart.  The dream was to write, something  I've  been doing since elementary school when I was creating stories about fictional pregnant teens giving up their babies for adoption   (long story,  more info on last year's anniversary post ). I love a good excuse to reflect on things, and this second anniversary has me feeling all sorts of deep things.  Life got in the way a bit of writing as regularly as I'd promised last year. Starting with Hurricane Sandy last October, which thankfully, I was spared of any physically damage to myself or my belongings, but mentally it just sort of set things off in a  discombobulated , weird direction. I had no power for four days, no cable or internet at

Inglot Cosmetics Launches Skin Care Products

Last night I literally had a dream about needing to include Beauty Industry News on Beauty Unbiased. A surprising thing I've discovered about beauty since I've been writing are the sheer amount of new product launches that the general public just never hears about. Because let's face it, its a lot of work to keep up. Never fear, that's one of the reasons I am here. It of course only makes sense to share industry news, or as I interpret that to mean, when my favorite brands launch new products you'll want to try. So, what am I excited to try today? Inglot Cosmetics, known for their bold color eyeshadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes (not to mention the breathable O2M nail polish approved as compliant with Muslim law ) are taking their formulas in a new direction: Inglot Skin Care.  After the sad and sudden passing of Wojciech Inglot,  the cosmetics company's founder and president earlier this year, I'm excited to see Inglot moving forward into one of my

The Quest for the Perfect Eyebrow Shape at The Browshop in NYC

I recently asked a dermatologist which type of hair removal was the safest for the eyebrow area, given the proximity to the sensitive skin surrounding the eyes. She looked at me like I have been a horrible, abusive owner of my own skin and said "Well it's all bad for you. The least damaging is tweezing." I realized that somehow the journey to perfect brows took precedence over what was best for my skin. After that interaction, I forced myself to grow out my eyebrows for four months. Prior to my conversation with the dermatologist, I had been threading my brows. I decided to stop during the winter after learning the hard, painful way that my skin was pretty sensitive due to the cold weather. Waxing has always been too harsh on my skin, leaving it red, irritated, and then breaking out for the next week. The final frontier in brows would be finding a place that would do brow shaping with only tweezers. As I started researching, it became clear that I'd have to spe