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Volume I: The Hair Products that Actually Work for Thin, Flat Hair

Flat hair, don't care? No, actually, I've never said that. I really wish I had thicker hair. Wavy, ideally.  But short of waiting for that rumored hair change that happens every seven years, I have come to accept my hair the way it is and learned to focus on what does work for my hair. The line-up is small, but so is the thickness of the hairs on my head. Let's start with my two favorite products: hair oils and root lifting volumizers.   Hair oils always seem to weigh my hair down, but when one works well, the golden shine of my hair is a thing of beauty. I have to be extremely reserved in my use of oils since they can make me look pretty greasy if I'm not careful. But  Bumble's Hairdresser's Invisible Oil  and  Shu Uemura's Art of Hair Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil  used in very tiny pearl-sized amounts give the sheen without the grease. Next, there are the host of products that taunt us with the word volume  all over the packaging. Mos

Three Face Scrubs and Body Scrubs to Exfoliate Your Way Into Fall

A scrub is a guy who thinks he's fine, and is also known as ... an exfoliator. Seriously though, 90's hit songs and horrible jokes aside, everyone needs a good scrub in their life. Since a proper scrub will leave your skin softer, help get rid of dry skin, and improve circulation, transitioning from summer to fall is the best excuse you have to finally purchase that scrub you've been pining after. Please note, I purposely left off your skin feeling dry and irritated after a scrub. That is definitely the opposite of how your skin should be reacting to a scrub that is worthy of a spot in your bathroom vanity -- despite those of us with dry skin being led astray in the past by crappy products that had us thinking exfoliators were just not right for our skin type. Here are my three current favorite personally tested and skin-approved face and body scrubs. Mario Badescu Almond & Honey Non-Abrasive Face Scrub Key Ingredients: Algae extract,   almond oil, honey, and