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These are My Confessions, Body Edition: Summertime Sins, Secrets, and Saviors

As Usher once said, "If I'm gonna tell it then I've gotta tell it all..." Summer brings with it a fair share of temptations and paradoxes. While you're much more likely to eat more hot dogs and binge on pints of ice cream, you'll also be forced by the heat or at minimum some type of activity to wear fewer items of clothing than any other time of the year. Try as I have to jump on the kale bandwagon (seriously guys, I just don't understand you and your taste buds sometimes), I've had to employ a series of white lies and one unforgivable sin to feel comfortable in my cutoff shorts. First white lie: I may have bought a month pass to a yoga studio, but I never made it. Instead, I began testing Nivea's Skin Firming Hydration lotion with Q10. Now yoga and firming lotion are very different in nature and I am not going to begin to suggest comparable, but, two weeks of testing extended into over a month of use before the bottle ran dry and my sk

When it's Too Hot for Makeup: Pur Minerals 5-Piece Start Now Kit

How do you apply makeup when you have no air conditioning in your bathroom, causing your face to sweat not quite bullets but large tear-shaped drops at minimum before you even walk out the door? Or, for those blessed with central air, which makeup do you use when you know you'll probably sweat it off as soon as you leave your house? You've come to the right place for these answers, as I unfortunately have accrued tons of experience with the sweaty face makeup dilemma living in the most 'European city' (read: NO central air conditioning) in America. As someone with dry skin, I tend to lean towards products that are creamy, and moisturizing, basically the opposite of what you want to apply in a heat wave. So, lately I have been experimenting with something that is similar to a product I used to use when I first was becoming a regular makeup wearer, back in the day: Pur Minerals.  Specifically, the Pur Minerals 5-piece kit . Included in 5-piece kit is the 4-in