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Purple Rain, Purple Rain: Armour Beauty's Latest in Lip Gloss

Prince's "Purple Rain" was released the same year that I was released into the universe. Okay, so that was the most dramatic way I could possibly say this: it came out in 1984. I've literally grown up alongside the song and movie, though I never actually listened to the song or watched the movie. As I write this, I am listening for the first time to the full 8 minutes and 42 seconds of the song that later became the movie that later inspired the wardrobe for one of my favorite Chapelle's Show sketches . All of this is happening while I'm wearing Armour Beauty's latest color out this summer called ... You guessed it... Purple Rain. My little obsession with Armour Beauty started at the Birchbox/Madewell Spring Style shoot . The Barracuda gloss I wore is that perfect shade of red that you spend nights dreaming about finding. The lip glosses in the Armour Beauty collection created by rocker, model and mother Theo Kogan evoke much more than just excite

Amarte Skin Care: East Meets West Meets My Face

Shortly after  Marie Claire declared that Korea is the new France of skin care, Seoul became the new Paris and Asian BB creams took part in a hostile takeover of tinted moisturizer. The next step in Korean skin care domination comes in a very pretty package.  Amarte Skin Care launched in the USA late last year, bringing skin care advances from Korea by way of California. The Korean brand mirrors the literal East meets West marriage of American dermatologist Dr. Kraffert (and founder of and his Korean wife, combining Korean skin care traditions with innovative science. Of course I have a few Amarte favorites from the line that you will want to check out.  The range of Amarte skin care products are meant to meet your face cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating needs while appealing to your feminine sensibilities with the pretty pale pink packaging. I'm usually not a pink type, but the packaging has an overall romantic, luxe feel.  My personal favorites from t

Bipolar Beauty: Millennial women's beauty spending habits

 Photo from Eclectic Books and Movies . Bradley Cooper wants to know why you spend so much money. He thinks you're pretty... without any makeup on.  What's the most you've ever spent at once on beauty products? As a teenager I would fantasize about buying an entire makeup collection when passing a department store counter. One day I'd be rich enough, I thought. Someone had to be if there were all of these products lined up and ready to be wrapped all pretty and taken home in even prettier shopping bags. By the time I had a job and realized I would be using my entire budget on concealer and a lipstick color I'd rarely end up wearing, I went back to stealing Avon samples from my mom.  Apparently the eyes being bigger than the budget phenomena is not unique to me. According to a presentation by Self Magazine's Vice President Laura McEwen at the Fashion Group International Beauty Symposium, millennial women spend an average of $748 per month on beauty