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The important step you've been missing in your manicure

Bright pinks, sky blues, crisp greens, and natural nudes are just a few of the nail colors that are exciting me this spring. They look great in the bottle, but something has been bothering me for as long as I've been painting my nails. How do so many women (and a few men out there too) seem to always keep their nails so perfect? I have to literally plan my life around getting a manicure, and even then it seems to chip within a few days. Here's my checklist before embarking on a new manicure: Have you done the dishes recently?  Have you cleaned the bathroom? Do you have any difficult packages to open?  Any stickers to peel off of new clothing?  Once those hurdles are cleared, I'll grant myself permission to attempt the illusive at home manicure or head to a nail salon. It seems I've been skipping an even more important part of my manicure -- the pre-mani prep. It's not as complicated as it seems, but actually has made my nails look a whole lot healthi

Beauty Standby: Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water

Standing in an impossibly long line at Sephora, you aimlessly pick up the strategically placed items that line the shelves. A red label with the words “cleansing spa water” catches your eye. It sounds fancy. You don’t believe it will really work though. Before you can question why anyone would pay $13 for a travel size container of water, you’ve added it to your purchase at check out.  That night, after arguing with yourself on the couch over the fact that no matter how tired you are you still need to remove your makeup, you begrudgingly head to the bathroom and squeeze this ‘cleansing water’ onto a cotton pad. It immediately removes your mascara, your eyeliner, and your doubts. Your skin doesn’t feel oily or dry. You’re immediately hooked. You’re welcome.  For more information on where to buy Koh Gen Do and similar products, check out the original post on Style Bakery .

Tweak It Girl: Inside the April Birchbox

At times the fact that everyone receives a little something different based on their beauty profile in their monthly  Birchbox  leaves me wracked with jealousy as I scroll through peoples' Instagram, Twitter, and blog posts. This month, my box is likely to be the one evoking a little envy, so apologies in advance. Birchbox joined with Women's Health Magazine to bring in spring with a "Tiny Tweaks, Big Results" themed box. After a brutal winter, I know I have a lot of tweaking needed to get my skin, hair, and eye area back in shape. I included my own little spring apartment tweak in the photo above -- check out my new ikat pillowcase! Here's what was in my box: Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue: A fresh blend of blood orange, jasmine, and geranium notes.  Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Lipstick: User-friendly lip pencil in Starlet Ojon rare blend hair oil: Tricolored oil that combats dullness and frizz  Supergoop! SPF 40 Anti-Aging Eye Cream