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Kate Spade Live Colorfully: Get Your Free Sample On

Every now and then I come across an offer that I just can't refuse. Tonight that offer is a free sample of Kate Spade's Live Colorfully via their Facebook page . I love love Kate Spade's Twirl, so I'm looking forward to getting my free sample.  I honestly hate bows, but come on, would you look at that bow? Disgustingly cute.  I'm still researching when it will go on until, so hurry on over to Kate Spade's Facebook and sign up  before its too late!  

Floral Wishes, Seafoam Dreams: Spring Style with Birchbox and Madewell

Herein lies the guide to spring style for the person who wears the same pair of black jeans half of the week. For the ladies wondering if this may be their time to finally try a bold lip (the answer is a definite yes), but still working up the courage to wear it in public. Beauty subscription service  Birchbox and effortlessly cool clothing company  Madewell  joined forces to bring to life what this spring's style is all about by inviting a few bloggers to take part in their spring style photoshoot. Here's the full behind the scenes tales of facing my spring makeup and style fears, one floral print at a time. The morning started with the lovely and talented makeup artist,  Nam Vo  expertly placing individual false lashes, highlighted by eyeshadow from  Stila's In the Light Palette . Next was a little flush of color from Laura Geller Beauty Baked Blush-n-Brighten in Pink Grapefruit  and a bright red Armour Beauty  lip in Barracuda. Jan-Marie Arteca from Jeff Chastain

Prove It! The Pearl Hair Remover Review

When it comes to at home hair removal, I usually just say no. Maybe I'm lazy. Or maybe I've had some bad experiences in my adolescence when I randomly decided to shave my arms one afternoon and haven't gained my own trust back yet. Would the Pearl take me a step closer to trusting at home hair removal treatments? Letting Doubts Turn to Experiments Aside from the weird, stubbly hair that re-grew on my arm after my impulsive hair removal, I've also experienced quite a few at home products that just don't do much that they claim. But when I was offered to try out the Pearl Hair Remover, I thought "Y ou are a blogger; these are the adventures you signed up for!" So here we go. I've braved  trying out natural deodorant in the summer  and tested out  claims of 6000% more moisturized lips . And now onto the Pearl at home hair removal. What It Claims The Pearl Hair Remover claims to " utilize revolutionary technology to remove unwanted hair from

Get Your Glow On -- For 55% Off

It's not often that I post about discount codes or special offers. There are so many out there on any given day that it may get a little boring around here if that was all I wrote about. But of course I will always an exception if I feel like its an awesome deal that I can offer you all. And so it has come to be that Per-fekt Beauty's Glow Kit  makes the cut, since I've been given the chance to offer you all 55% off the $100 retail price. The Glow Kit will be available for $45 until spring begins, Thursday March 21, 2013. You'll find the code at the bottom of the post. So what's it include? If you're even half as pale as me, a sunless tanning gel is a good investment for those first few weeks of warmer weather when you're afraid to show your legs for fear of blinding others. I've tested it out and Per-fekt Beauty's Body Perfection gel is an alternative to traditional bronzer and sunless tanner, with limited color transfer onto clothing a

Straight Chinchillin': The Christian Grey of Nail Polish

Buy me, be happy!   Yeah, yeah I'm a little late in referencing 50 Shades of Grey on the blog, but hey for Essie nail polish in Chinchilly, I'm willing to go there. Plus this shade has been out since around 2009, so I'm fashionably late to the Chinchilly party as well. It's never too late to find true love though. Why do I love thee so? You're the perfect grey nail polish for me, with your delicate blend of granite grey and a hint of purple that pulls it all together. Chinchilly seems to work on a range of skin tones, so this grey is equal opportunity awesome.  

Daily Beauty: Nivea Smooth Sensation Lotion

In my quest to find the latest and greatest in beauty, I've realized that the day to day products I'm using often don't even get mentioned on my blog. Sometimes the old reliable standards just aren't as sexy and exciting to write about as fancy products that I can't even pronounce. When I heard about Nivea's Share the Sensation Challenge to use their Smooth Sensation Shea Butter Lotion for 7 days, I switched my lotion immediately. After years of using various blue shades of Nivea lotion bottles, the time had come to share my new experiences with an old faithful. Daily Musings from my week switching to Nivea Smooth Sensation Shea Butter: Day 1: My skin immediately feels smooth and soft. Oh my God, I love Shea Butter.  Day 2: When they say "absorbs quickly", they mean it. My skin is not left feeling greasy at all. Day 3: A little bit goes a long way with this lotion, which makes applying it in a hurry super easy. Day 4: Just realized th