Beauty Unbiased: Should I Get A Haircut? And Other Things To Avoid Asking Google

Should I Get A Haircut? And Other Things To Avoid Asking Google

Determining that moment in time when your hair shifts beyond cute and flattering to unruly and distracting is often an impossible task. Things must happen to discover that yes, it is time for a cut. Bad things. And once you've admitted that moment has arrived, well its already past time you should have cut it. In my most recent hair saga, it was a picture I took with friends. I was unhappy with the way I looked in the photo and after re-taking it a few times realized that I could only focus on how my hair had grown too long. It needed to be cut. I had an appointment scheduled about 24 hours later with Drew Schaefering, stylist at Paul Labrecque Salon in the Lenox Hill hood of Manhattan.

The offending photo
Did I mention this was on New Years Eve day? Yeah, I decided I needed a cut THAT bad. Usually cutting (or coloring) my hair before a big event - I was prepping for the Nivea New Year's Eve party- is something I steer clear of. Luckily, Drew is apparently a superhero of sorts, in addition to being a L'oreal Professional Stylist who frequently works backstage during Fashion Week. Yes, that is actually him pictured below.

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Planning a haircut with Drew was a much better way to deal with my hair unhappiness than the previous ways I've tackled the decision of whether I was ready for a haircut. In the past I've tried Googling "should I get a haircut" and seeing what the Google universe had in the cards for me. Side note: if you google "should I get a..." the top three options are: flu shot, divorce, and iPad. I'm going to go out on a limb and say if you're searching for these answers online, chances are the answer is YES.  

Right now may be the appropriate time to disclose that I actually hadn't cut my hair since March 2012. That is 10 months roughly from the day I went in for a cut with Drew. Why I was uncertain about whether I wanted to cut it shows that there is something really wrong with my judgement. Thankfully Drew did not judge me for my indiscretions and kept my hair just the right length while adding some movement with layers in the front. To keep some volume in my hair for my New Year's Eve party, I walked out of the salon looking like this:

However, my reward for walking around Manhattan looking like Beethoven's for four hours was this:

Actually loving the way your hair looks in a photo (and real life): Priceless! If you're in the market for a New York City based hairstylist (he does color too!) get an appointment with Drew by contacting the Paul Labrecque Salon via email at or via phone at 212-988-7816.