Beauty Unbiased: June 2012

Prove It: Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant

Unlike some of my friends who like to casually exclaim that sweating has never been a problem for them, I was born with active sweat glands. How is that scientifically possible? I skipped biology in high school to play basketball in the gym, meaning now I'm really good at watching the 4th quarter of the NBA Finals and lacking on my sweat comprehension abilities.

When it comes to beauty, body odor may be talked about even less than bikini waxes. But in true Beauty Unbiased fashion, I'm tackling the hard hitting issues that ... Well that somehow are relevant to me or someone close to me. Finding a natural deodorant that works as well as the Secret I normally use has long been a goal of mine since hearing statistics (that I'm too scared to google now) on the potential for cancer caused by deodorants.

A recent trip to Whole Foods had me mesmerized for an obscene amount of time comparing aluminum free natural deodorants. I was confused and overwhelmed, ending up in the Cherry Red checkout lane with one of the cheapest options, which turned out to be a pretty immediate disappointment. After tweeting my natural deodorant woes, Weleda was kind enough to send me their Wild Rose Deodorant. In a glass bottle, the spray is a wonderfully fragrant rose bouquet that blends well with a natural body scent. But will it work? Stay tuned, I had pleasantly surprising results on Day 1, though the upcoming 90 degree weather will be prime testing time.

Win the Birchbox and Glamour Five Senses Box

When it comes to giveaways, I'll admit I'm a little obsessed. I will enter whatever contest has a desirable prize, as long as I can actually figure out how to enter it. That leads to my two pet peeves when it comes to internet giveaways:

  1. When a contest is so complex you aren't quite sure even after several minutes of filling in your email address, your Twitter handle, your Facebook account password, and social security number if you truly entered. 
  2. When they never really announce a winner and you wonder if there really was a prize after all. Obviously, be careful out there folks and don't give away important info. 

The antidote to all of those horrendous contests? The fab Birchbox team has provided me the chance to giveaway their newest Birchbox collaboration box with Glamour Magazine. July's box will feature products hand picked by Glamour Magazine editors to highlight the experience of our five senses, including items by stila cosmetics, AHAVA, headphones, a month of premium Spotify service, and LARABARS, just to name a few items you may be getting in your box. Simply 'Like' and comment over on my Examiner article to win Birchbox's latest and greatest. If you've been thinking about signing up for Birchbox , this giveaway is your chance for a risk free trial, should you be selected. Ends on June 18th, good luck!

I've recently joined the Birchbox Affiliate Program since I love their service and products so much. I thought you'd all appreciate me sharing that if you sign up for Birchbox through the link in this article I will receive a commission. 

What You Missed at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Confusing tourists and locals alike, the line wrapping through Battery Park on a surprisingly sunny Saturday morning was filled with men in bow ties and seersucker suits, women in florals and lace, and lots and lots of hats. As luck would have it, I even met a woman in line whose response to my polite inquiry about her very large and red fascinator/hat cross breed was that it was handmade by her friend, who is of course a milliner. That experience my friends is not atypical of the people you will meet when attending the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic.These people have milliner friends ya'll. Thirty minutes later when the ferry landed what must have been only a few hundred feet away in Jersey City, an elegant parade of well dressed and those who tried really hard took the path through the gorgeous Liberty State Park to the Polo Classic grounds. Bright yellow umbrellas and security guards confiscating alcohol greeted us. My first annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic commenced, and the pictures tell it better than I can.

These gals were promoting something, but we never figured out what.

At $95 a bottle, I was pleased my champagne at least came with its own outfit.

Stomping the divots
Scoreboard at halftime
MVP of the match (and Ralph Lauren model) Nacho Figueras
In true stalker-azzi style, spotted and snapped a picture of Padma Lakshmi and her daughter