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The Jose Eber Hair Trio: Three Barrels for Three Broads

Hair products intimidate me. Hair dressers seem to effortlessly work their magic tools through my hair, leaving me with an inflated sense of self esteem and unrealistic expectations for what I should look like on a day to day basis. Maybe I am just lazy. My average hair routine is washing every other day, blow drying it quickly with a flat brush or throwing it up in a ponytail or bun. So when Jose Eber Hair  asked me to try their  Trio Clipless Curling Iron , my initial feelings of hair inadequacy were followed by the excitement that maybe, just maybe, I could improve my styling skills with the right tools. But with three barrels to test out, I needed to recruit some help. And that, I do believe, is why sisters exist. Along with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, the Trio Clipless Curling Iron includes three interchangeable barrels: 19mm, 25mm, and (my personal favorite) a tapered barrel. Also included but not pictured is a heat resistant glove that you will need since the