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The Case of the Missing Blogger

At its very best, life is quite unpredictable. Sometimes unforeseen roadblocks can lead to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And sometimes, it just leads to you returning from a week out of town and being unable to blog due to the router in your apartment breaking. While I work on fixing my internet problems (long boring story short, I can blog but am unable to format pictures and who really cares about a post without awesome pictures?) please take this opportunity to enter the latest Jurlique partnership giveaway which includes a mother f-ing CLARISONIC Mia and the Jurlique Purely Bright skincare collection to keep your skin glowing into next season. The widget to enter is on the right side of the blog. Looking forward to sharing some beauty adventures like the 1920's style turban headband I wore to the Jazz Age Lawn Party, how I became the most popular bridesmaid last weekend (hint: Skindinavia makeup setting spray), and all of the upcoming events like Fashion's Nig

My Skincare Routine featured by Dr. Jart

Dr. Jart+ Dermatological Cosmetics is originally from South Korea, but they've made quite an impression on beauty here in the US with their Premium BB Cream   and one of my favorite new skincare discoveries, Dr. Jart's+ Premium Firming Sleep Mask . Since their sleep mask is awesome, I agreed to share something so intimate with them that I've never even gone through all of the gritty details on my blog before. You can check out 'My Routine' on Dr. Jart's blog if you promise not to think any differently of me once you know how many skincare products I use each day. Click the image for the full post over at Dr. Jart's blog.

Naked Princess: Love, Lust and Lips

If I'm being honest with you, I fell in love at first sight with Naked Princess at the HBA Expo back in June. Who wouldn't be seduced by their gorgeous packaging, featuring romantic details like scalloped edges and text in flowing cursive? I even shared my excitement about the brand by declaring it one of the emerging beauty brands to try while guest blogging for Birchbox . But I've been hurt before when I put my faith in a new beauty product, only to find that it was around just for cheap thrills. Could I trust a Naked Princess? Even though the Naked Princess Luscious Lip Gloss , with its silky and soft, but not at all sticky texture and just the right hint of color held a lot of promise, I was hesitant to commit. Would I see pictures of us together and wonder what I'd been thinking? As with relationships, all truths will be revealed over time, beauty products not exempted. Naturally you grow together, or things slowly drift apart. Let's just say over the

Original & Mineral 3-Step Hair Facial for the Win

Weekends seem to fill up faster in the summer than any other time of year. I guess it's easier to get inspired to leave your home and do something when the sun in shining than when going out requires boots, hats, and the gloves that you've already misplaced at least one of. Despite the summer weekend phenomenon, I found myself with a whole blissful day of nothing to do a few weeks ago. As soon as I was able to tear myself off the couch where I'd been hypnotized by the first day of the Olympics, I readied myself for the mission I'd been waiting to complete all week: the Original & Mineral 3-Step Hair Facial.  The 3-Step Facial I tested out included the Original & Mineral Original Detox Shampoo, Maintain the Mane Shampoo, and Maintain the Mane Conditioner. The Detox Shampoo applies like using any other shampoo, but provides deep cleansing to the scalp with ingredients targeted at reducing build up caused by things like natural oils, hair products and chlorin