Beauty Unbiased: Run 10, Feed 10: FEED 10K Run Coming This Fall

Run 10, Feed 10: FEED 10K Run Coming This Fall

Swallowing a bug was the highlight of my cross country running career. I was finishing up one of my first meets in second to last place and wondering why no one ever talked about insects getting stuck in your throat as a vital aspect of the sport. With that knowledge, you may be surprised to know that I kind of hate running. Part of me envies the regular marathon runners who seem to be able to run six miles on a whim and another part of me can still taste that bug in my throat. But when I saw that one of my favorite social enterprises, FEED Projects, is hosting a 10K Run this fall in NYC (and 10 other cities) I immediately signed up at Just $40, all funds raised go to providing food for those in need in America and every runner gets a limited edition FEED tote bag. Plus it's an excuse to dust off the old running shoes and remind everyone (myself specifically) why I was second to last and not last place.