Beauty Unbiased: My First Facial

My First Facial

Tucked away on a lush road in Key West, Pranna Spa is as inviting and relaxing as sitting on your grandmother's front porch with a frosted over glass of lemonade. My grandmother didn't have a porch but I'm guessing if she did, it would be a lot like Pranna's entrance. Maybe that fantasy what lured me in for my first facial ever. I certainly was not planning to go to Key West and spend an hour of my time having things extracted from my face. At the time I had been struggling with acne which flared up after moving to New York City months earlier, where I knew not a soul and had recently started a graduate school program. Stress has always shown on my face, in subtle and not such subtle ways which is probably why I love beauty products so much. As my friend and I passed the spa I decided to stop in. I was quickly whisked away into a serene room with music playing and candles lit. For the most part the facial was relaxing, even for my troubled skin. There were a few moments of discomfort during the extraction process but there was an underlying feeling of satisfaction that my skin was finally receiving its due for all the trouble it was causing me. After that initial experience it was hard to top my first time, though a recent trip to the Plaza Hotel Caudalie Spa was another mind blowing spa experience. I recently ventured back to Key West and passed the spa (sadly it was closed for the day, but glad to see it is still up and running!) and had to take a picture to memorialize my first facial and share the experience.