Beauty Unbiased: Why Pay More When You Can.. Pay/Half

Why Pay More When You Can.. Pay/Half

Actually, I think that's a Payless slogan. Regardless, those of you unfamiliar with Pay/Half stores-- which apparently most of society is as every time I mention Pay/Half people look at me like I'm stealing from a homeless person -- allow me to introduce you. I like to think of shopping at discounted stores as something similar to thrift or vintage shopping. You have to get through the sometimes horrifying, sometimes smelly, sometimes mystifying items to find some real treasures. Pay/Half does not consistently have stand out items, though their winter gear (which is needed a lot sooner than I thought!) especially hats and gloves includes some cute options. Today I scored big time with a unique looking piece that fits me perfectly: behold the Hot Gal ivory with black trim scalloped mini skirt.